Greensiter is an online local business search website that provides business and business related information to users in India. Business profiles in Greensiter mean factories, stores, medicine, education, manufacturing etc. Our website thus designed has been providing business related information starting from 13th October 2018 till now. In addition, our website has over 3500 English business terms related to business search. Any user who creates a business-oriented page with us can choose these business terms to suit their business. For example, if a person chooses 25 business terms for their company, their company page will be listed in 25 pages. Similarly our main goal is to bring every company page to the first page of Google’s search results.

In addition, any user who provides their company information will be formatted as a page only after all of that information has been verified. Each page is given an Enquiry form to send to the business owner the inquiries that come through the website. This allows customers to easily contact merchants with their needs through the Enquiry form on the business page. Not only this, our company is also implementing innovative changes to connect the business elite and the customer. We are analyzing and working in Connecting customers and merchants easily, how customers can sell their products over the internet, what merchants' needs are, how a website can help them move a business to the next level.