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The Palm Residency is located in Salem. The Palm Residency is air-conditioned accommodation in Salem. The Palm Residency also provides guests with a children's playground.


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The Palm Residency is located in Ariyanur, Salem which is a Hotel in Salem. Image of The Palm Residency, Contact Details of The Palm Residency, Address of The Palm Residency, Services of The Palm Residency, Categories of The Palm Residency, About The Palm Residency, Official website link of The Palm Residency are attached to this Page. You can Enquiry with The Palm Residency by submitting your details

Frequently Asked Question

1.What is the Location of The Palm Residency?

Answer - The Palm Residency is located in Ariyanur, Salem

2.What is the official Website address of The Palm Residency?

Answer - http://www.thepalmresidency.in

3.What is the Category of The Palm Residency?

Answer - It is a Hotel in Salem

4.What are the various mode of payment accepted here ?

Answer - You can make payment Via Cash, Cheques and all online mode payments to The Palm Residency.

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