C Programming

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1 What is C?
-C is a Structural Programming Language
2 Who is the inventor of C?
-Dennis Ritchie
3 What is compiling?
-The Process of the source code into the machine code is called compiling.
4 What is data type?
-Data type is a name refer to the kind of data in a program.
5 What is operator?
-An operator is a symbol that specifies an operation to the performed on operands.
6 What is string?
-String is a sequence of characters
7 What is array?
-An array is a collection of Similar data items, that are stored under a common name.
8 What are the types of Arrays in C?
-One Dimensional Array, Two Dimensional Array, Three Dimensional Array
9 What is a Function?
-It is a small programs contains a block of statements

10 What is a Structure?
-It is a derived data type to organize a group of related data items.
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